About Louanna Lee


Louanna Lee is rapidly becoming known as an upcoming and explosive talent. She has entertained audiences around the Baltimore region by appearing at a variety of functions, events, and gatherings.

Affectionately known as "Little Miss TNT" for her admiration of musical idol Brenda Lee (Little Miss Dynamite), Louanna is as comfortable acting in front of a camera as she is with singing for an live audience.

It seems that Louanna Lee came into this world performing. Singing constantly as a toddler she soon began to seek out opportunities to perform. She confronted the challenges of live entertainment at an early age while performing in talent shows and was recognized for her charismatic and energetic presence on stage. Now in her 20's, recording in the studio or appearing before movie cameras are almost an everyday occurrence for her. However, Louanna’s talents are best exhibited on stage while singing for an audience.

As her musical career continues to grow and her recording continues, Louanna chooses film roles that are in keeping with her positive virtues. She spends much of her time going to school, dating, and working a part time job.